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The Unspeakable Podcast

Feb 14, 2022

Writer and editor Sari Botton has a long career in the publishing world — some would even call her a “legend.” Her essays have appeared in places like The New York Times and The Guardian. She was the longtime essays editor at the digital magazine Longreads, is now a contributing editor at Catapult and she edited two acclaimed anthologies, including Goodbye To All That: Loving and Leaving New York. Her latest venture is Oldster Magazine, and even though it’s about aging it’s not about being old. It’s about getting older and it features articles and observations from people at every stage of life. Sari is a bonafide Gen Xer and Meghan was curious not just about the process of creating Oldster but also  about the challenges of building something in the new creative economy after a long career in traditional media. They talk about what constitutes an “ideal” age, what it’s like to get older when you don’t “follow the script” of traditional family life, and why many aging people worry as much (if not more) about having enough money than about their health.  (Pro tip: Sari buys lottery tickets.)
Guest Bio:
Sari Botton is a writer and editor living in Kingston, NY. She publishes Oldster Magazine, which explores what it means to travel through time in a human body, at every phase of life. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, and elsewhere. She's a contributing editor at Catapult, the former Essays Editor for Longreadsand she edited the award-winning anthology Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving & Leaving NY. Her memoir-in-essays, And You May Find Yourself... will be published by Heliotrope in Summer, 2022.